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one area to put money to work. >> i like it. sorry that's it for the cost of freedom. thanks for being here. have a great weekend. . 11 official republican candidates and counting. 2012 gop field may include mitt romney and newt gingrich. but the newest name out there said the field is lacking. latest republican prospect and five-term thaddeus mccotter and gary johnson joins us live. we'll go to america's news headquarters and live from the nation's capitol starts now. >> we begin this hour with a new defense secretary. leon panetta in afghanistan. this is his first trip since taking the top military position. david cotter is live in stan tan with the latest. >> newly appointed defense secretary arrive in kabul a short time ago.
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he was met by military leaderships including, general petraeus. he was upbeat about prospects of defeating al-qaida and said the u.s. was within reach of strategically defeating them. the strategy for doing this is military operations and capturing or killing fewer than 20 of the terror group's leader here in stan tan and north africa. i think now we have them on the moment and now is the moment. if we continue this effort we can cripple al-qaida. his upbeat assessment comes as stan tan prepares for a gradual draw down. according to a u.s. official. panetta will hold talks with karzai during his visit. they will discuss the
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transition of nato held areas for afghan control in midjuly. they will further include u.s. troops open next year. panetta also said he hopes the taliban will be on the run. it is key they keep up the pressure now. and panetta also said the leaders such as al-qaida chief al-zawahri is, to limit their ability . also he believes that al-zawahri may be over the border in pakistan's northwestern federally administered tribal area. the defense secretary will have to deal with tense relations with pakistan following the killing of osama bin laden there. he said there was efforts to
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help them in the hunt for al-qaida members. but he said they have helped in the past track some of them down. back to you. >> david, in kabul. >> political sacrifices are needed on both sides of the aisle to solve the budget critesis. will democrats and republicans move past the rhetoric when they sit down in the white house tomorrow. >> hi, to you john. goal to whack four trillion off of the deficit over 10 years. president obama emphasized the positive. >>ed -- the good news is, we agree on the big thingings. after racking up deficit debts we need to get our fiscal house in order. both sides are going to have to step outside of the comfort zones and make political sacrifices. >> it sounds good but easier
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said than done. players mest thursday . they will vote on increasing the debt ceiling. if they don't raise the ceiling america runs out of money to pay its bills. it boils down to this. republicans don't want tax increases and democrats want to keep entitlements intack. this is the republican address out today. >> from the look of things. democrats who run washington don't have a jobs plan. they have a spending agenda and proposing a rehash of what is already tried. more spending and more taxes and bigger government. these are the washington knows best policies that steered us to a dead end. >> if the key players reach a deal republican leaders will have to bring it back for a vote. it is a almost no vote for the
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city pert republicans . democrats plan to keep social security and medicare as it is. >> and until now, slew of gop presidential hopefuls are hitting the president hard on the economy . the time came for them and this week from the and and unemployment is rising and people struggling in the obama and romney economy. taduous mccotter joins me now. let's keep it on the news of the day. president has said businesses are awaiting news about the rise in the debt ceiling so they can start hiring again. is that the way you understand it. that businesses are not hiring people because they are waiting for a decision on the debt ceiling. >> they are watching government get bigger and wall street banks fail to get restructured and entrepreneur
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and innovators are growing the economy. the president needs to find excuses about the job creation and all he seems to do is talking points and t try to excuse the past and the reality is, they are doing nothing to restructure and help america move forward. >> you said it in a mccotter presidency there would be restructuring going on but what about the tweet you highlighted. unemployment rising and people are struggling in the obama-romney economy. what did you mean by that? >> we have obama champion of big government and mr. romney champoning the bail outs . 30 million americans can't change jobs because there are no better jobs and credit cannot slow down and we need the economy to grow and people who are trapped especially in the jobs they can't leave are seeing inflation rising and they are seeing real wages
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declining . talking about the deindustrialization of america and there is a combination between big government and bail out barchings and they need to be restructured. the same way real people are restructured to deal with the challenges we face. >> same way businesses and others are facing restructuring. and yet, the two big entities and the government and bail out banks refused to do so. >> on the subject of bail outs. you are not in against all. >> we are in favor of keeping americans working. after they bailed out wall street banks and nothing to get us through the time . money was not simply spent there. restructuring that occurred in the auto industry led to them have a chance of competiveness . colleagues about supporting manufacturing. they don't have problem with communist china being the giant of the 21st century.
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call me old-fashioned but i do. >> there is a lot of pledges, five of them for republican candidates. you signed the cut, cap and balance pledge which is looking for cuts and spend balance the budget and for a balanced budget amendment. the government hasn't lived in its means for the last decades. how do you get to a balanced budget. >> show the courage that house republicans have shown and try to get medicare reform and preserve and strengthen the system . go to patient's center for health care reforms and help to stabilize the cost and supply and get acess to the health care system. and also, you are going to have to restructure social security and do it with a way to do it without raising the benefit it causes for retirement age. these require people to think outside of the box. what we are seeing out of the
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washington and many in the wall street community. they are sinking in an economic coffin. >> another pledge is iowa pledge. a group is looking to have all of the republicans signed before the iowa state fair and the straw poll out there. you have not signed it yet. this would be a pledge that said you are against same-sex marriage and other things. will you sign that pledge? >> we'll have to see . i will make the determination on that and i have signed the no taxes pledge and i have signed the pledge to defend life. these to me are recognition of what i have been doing. >> where do you come down on the issue of same-sex marriage. >> i oppose it . it should not be imposed on them by an imperial judiciary dehadobcracy. >> thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it keep it right
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here. mccotter is not the only candidate on the gary johnson signed one of those political pledges and refusing to sign others . we'll ask him why. >> and it is the first full day in orbit for the shuttle atlantis crew and they are checking the heat shields for damage. atlantis is scheduled to dock in the space station tomorrow . later on in the show. we'll talk to the apollo 7 astronaut walter cunningham about the end of this era. and former first lady betty ford passed away. her children and relatives are on the way to palm springs, california to make funeral arrangements. she certainly lifed a long and rich life. >> she put a lot in the 93 years and after the seffs, betty ford's body will go to grand rapids, michigan to be buried by her husband . her family said mother's love, candor and love and devotion
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and touched millions in the nation. to be in her presence was to know a truly great, isn't president is chiming in. while her death is a cause for sadness, we know that organizations such as the betty ford center will honor her legacy and give countless americans. >> and she was open about breast cancer and open about her drug and alcohol ark diction and rehab that inspired the betty ford clinic in california. it treated over 90,000 . including many celebrities. johnnie cash and lindsay lohan stayed there. betty ford once. if she had known her future husband would have run for congress she would not have married him . she ended up giving part of the concession speech when he lost his voice after losing
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the election to jimmy carter. >> dear jimmy, it is apparent now, that you have won our long and intense struggle for presidency. i congratulate you on your victories. >> betty ford and president ford were married in 58 career. >> she will be buried along side him in grand rapids. thanks, john. >> it is going to be legal soon to carry a concealed weapon in thitate of wisconsin. governor scott walker signed a bill allowing citizens to carry a concealed weapon . makes illinois the only remaining state on a ban for consealed weapons. >> we'll have the rest of the saturday forecast, hi, rick. >> severe weather in northern plains. there is areas of minnesota
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and wisconsin and stretching back in the dacotas . kansas and colorado. i think an isolated tornado or two . strong winds and hail and could see a couple of tornados, nothing and going down south of that. we can use rain and heat advisories are in effect and around the midmississippi river valley . it is going to be humid and uncomfortable. it is a gloomy day across the northeast . that is more humid and showers in the plains and southeast . the four corners and continuing to see monsoonal activity. they will get the showers they need. and they can use all of the rain they can get. >> royals arrive prince william and catherine are headed to a charity polo match. the prince himself is going to
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play. >> the couple will rub elbows with hollywood elite. they will wrap up the north american trip tomorrow. >> and what is next for nasa. sniwill get reaction from an apollo astronaut next. >> and a day seen on america's news headquarters. gary johnson will join us live. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge! [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. there's another way litter box dust:e
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>> an iraq roller veteran was killed in darien lake theme park in new york. the army specialist fell out of the a coaster . police are investigating how he came out. the sergeant lost both legs in
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a road side bomb in iraq and in and out of rehabilitation for three years . >> not a bad way to wake up. viva lavida was the morning wake up call. the crew is checking the shuttle's heat shield for damage in the launch. this is a final one for the nasa shuttle program. what is next for nasa in space exploration. walter cunningham. walter it is great to have you with us. i tell you, the whole -- i was captivated by the entire apollo mission. >> i was sad to see that go. >> how were you struck
12:19 pm
yesterday? >> it is always nice to see a good clean countdown, but i was sad, because you know, we went through this hiatus in the 19cents after the apollo program and now, if people look at it and say nasa will not have a launch vehicle and space crack for a half dozen years. but it is more than that. i don't see nasa has a time table or a real destination and nasa doesn't have a clear mission right now. >> and so is nasa out of the manned pace business? >> well, it depends on how you look at it. if you are with the nasa administration, you are saying otherwise. my personal feeling is that the nasa mission ought to be to maintain american preimminence with a manned space program whatever that takes and we are not doing that right now. we have the deputy
12:20 pm
administrator garver who is an apologiist for the administration and the administration space plan. whatever it is. i can't figure it out. >> it is a shame to see the launches of humans in space going on hiatus. you think the oriion capsule. by 2015. so many thengs came out of the space program. let's put up on the scrone that came out of the space program going back to apollo. cordless tools and smoke detector and invisial line braces and joy sticks and dust buster and flame resistant fabrics. they are result of a manned space mission. are we going to stop. >> we need to stop and realize that the reason we had so much
12:21 pm
technology spin offs that came out of the space program they were facing impossible tasks and the first thing you run into are obstacles and to overcome them you get innovative and develop things and sometimes you have no idea how that is going to go commercially. to do that. we have to have a far-reaching destination and time table. it is missing. >> the president said everything is leaning to a manned mission to mars now. do you believe we will try to set foot on mars and is there a budget or political will? >> are you talking about in my lifetime or yours no . in fact i don't think in my own kid's lifetime. it takes a real firm commitment to a time scale . but you also have to work toward it. we need to be working with an administration, i am talking about nasa administration has to be lesss bure rat craic and
12:22 pm
politically correct and less interested in diluting their principle efforts and need to be focused on compete staying ahead of russia which we are. china is on a real growth and it is going to be difficult to be ark head of china . >> after watching this since the 1960s, it is sad to see it going on hiatus. walter cunningham. it is an honor to talk to you. >> thank you, john. >> exxon mobile is ignoring the criticism from government officials. government officials said exxon is over stating their progress and they're pulling government workers out. >> montana has a higher than the states or federal government and much higher standard when it comes to trans parency and we don't want to be on record as
12:23 pm
approving thacs that are take tone clean up the mess. >> they are holding hearings on the spill next week . >> president obama said the 2012 election campaign is far from his mind. >> i don't worry about reelection prospects right now. >> should he be worried. former new mexico governor gary johnson coming up next . an] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helpi drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪ is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts.
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>> former first lady betty ford passed away and we are learning more about funeral plans. peter doocy has the story. >> john, funeral services will be held for the former first lady in california . ford died friday in a palm springs hospital. her body will be buried in grand rapids, michigan next to her husband.
12:27 pm
>> leon panetta is in afghanistan in the first oversea trips. he plans to meet with u.s. troops and karzai. >> atlantis crew will spend the first day in space lookking for damage to the shuttle. it is expected to dock in the international space station tomorrow . the duke and duchess of cambridge are wrapping up the north america tour in california. prince william will take part in a charity match before they rub elbows with hollywood elite. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> it is not what he called an easy decision. gary johnson signed the cup and balance pledge. will he sign the other plages like the iowa.
12:28 pm
joining us now is governor gary johnson. will you sign that iowa pledge that would have you come out four square against same-sex marriage among other issues. >> no, i wouldn't be signing that. i support gay unions and i think that the government should get out of the marriage business and leave that to the states. i support a woman's right to choose. i certainly respect the republicans that have and believe in right to life, but fundmentallyy, i believe it is a decision that rests with the woman and then with regard to pornography, i think i am hitting on the keys on this pledge, if you don't like pornography, then make a decision not to look at it. i think government gets too involved in making decisions that really rests with you and i as individuals . so best government is government that empowers you and i as individuals to make
12:29 pm
choices that you and i only should be making. >> and regarding same-sex marriage. you are for gay unions. define more narrowly. are you in favor of same-sex marriage. >> i think the issue should be a state issue . the fact that new york passed. >> personally are you for same-sex marriage? >> personally, i think that the government should be in that union business . get out of the marriage union business and leaf it to the churches. >> but just as a personal matter are you foresyma-sex marriage in >> as a personal matter. i think it should be the choice of the individuals involved. >> you are not opposed to same-sex. you are for gay unions but not opposed to same-sex marriage. >> as a personal position i am not opposed to same-sex marriage, no. >> the democrats are meeting
12:30 pm
with the -- president is meeting with members of congress tomorrow with the members of white house on the debt ceiling. governor you managed to cut taxs and turn a surpluss. if you were presidents governor johnson. what would you do about the debt crisis and how would you handle it? >> i would propose a budgetsed budget for the year bey aring. i think we are on the verge of a financial collapse . there is no repaying 14 trillion dollars in debt with a current deficit that is 1.65 trillion dollars. this year, last year and the year before and years going forward. i think we have a situation right now where we can ally control the situation and by control it, i cannot raise the debt ceiling for all of the anxiety and problems, the catastrophic that will come
12:31 pm
with not raising the debt ceiling. that will be pale in comparison to a financial melt down and the financial melt down will be a break down in our currency . the fact that our dollars won't buy a thing that. is in the offing. >> you signed a cap and balance pledge. you are for a balance budget amendment and you claim we can balance the budget now. how would you balance the budget as president and how would you get it don now. >> start off by talking about the entitlements. medicaid and medicare . social security not cutting. social security and make a system that takes more money than what it pays out . without raising taxes. you can raise the retirement age . cuhave a means testing and you can change the escalator built in social security from the wage index to the inflation index. medicaid and medicare.
12:32 pm
i think the federal governments can block grants and a fixed amount of money and 46 percent less . leave the delivery of health care to the poor and those over 65 to thitate without strings and man dates associated with that and peeking from my own experience as governor of new mexico . i thought i could have done that in new mexico with medicaid if the federal government would have done away with the strings and man dates and done that with medicare. hand it over to 50 labratories of best practice, i think that is what we would have, and other states would emulate the best practice. we are all competitive and avoid the failure. but washington top down, this is what has us barching rupt. >> as we come up with the iowa straw poll . a lot going on in the state fair. look at the latest fox news
12:33 pm
poll. mitt romney is way up on top with 13 percent and rick perry is 13 percent who is not even running . you are down one percent and wasn't enough for you to make the cut . what are you going to do governor to get noticed. i don't know if you saw it a couple of weeks ago. they did a poll on all of the presidential candidates and may havor abilities in the ownitate. one presidential candidate was viewed favorably in his or heritate. it was me. only state that knows who i am. i have a plus 12 favor . the polls are overwhelmingly saying there is no clear front runner and people don't know who the candidates are and in thitates where the candidates are known, i just point to the
12:34 pm
statistic. i am the least known republican of the whole group. thank you for having me on. it might help out a little bit. but it is about new hampshire and going out and meeting a bunch of people in new hampshire, which by the way is a great political environment. new hampshire, i really take it as a responsibility to go and meet and talk and discuss the issues with all of the candidates. that is an environment that i tend to do well n >> also south carolina and i don't know how they will feel. >> we'll see. >> governor johnson. good to talk to you this morning. >> john, thank you. >> you want to keep up with the latest election news. check out our new ipad-app. go to fox news.comslash ipad. it is most popular in the itunes store. >> and today marks the verzano that hurt gabreille giffords.
12:35 pm
one survivor reflected to that day. >> it was very oh, motional and drive the parking lot all taped off like it was on january 8th. but when they had the ceremony here, it makes you feel so great to see how our community came together. >> flag at ground zero was raised. the shooter jared loughner was deemed incompetent to stand trial. >> pushing to tripoli. this is the farest rebels have been able to advance. we have the latest from misurata. >> john, there sithousand rebels that came in to misurata from benghazi by boat . they are bringing in reenforcement and ammunition
12:36 pm
and heavy weaponry. they have gained momentum as they pushed west out of misurata and tripoli. they are fighting with whatever they have on the front lines . 20 feet high . the sand burn is the sold yerse only cover as they try to push forward. we shielded ourselves behind a shipping container and moved to the front line. this is the rebels on the front line. there is heavy exchange of fire and get a sense of the battle. what you are hearing is incoming and rockets that make a large explosion . they are fitting with pick up trucks and machine guns against qaddafi who has heavy armor and no problem use
12:37 pm
against the soldiers. driving to the front line is a challenge. bumpy road and back of old pick ups. as they head off. couple of days ago. qaddafi forces controlled this road. burned out tanks sit along the way. at the front. awn times incoming fire lays behind us . they zero in the mortars. that is a bang that came in just 50 meters from where we are. that is how close things are here on the battlefield . qaddafi's armor is taking no prisoners. he said god is great. when they are not hit by incoming fire and they are pushing forward. every mile that they have pushed forward is a mile paid in blood. they are taking heavy caculties and from talking to a number of them.
12:38 pm
they are undeterred and willing to die for their cause. they were literally the fighting wounded . people with bandages on their legsarps and coming back to the front line to continue the fight. >> interesting to see the new momentum that they have taken on. leland, thanks. >> a new nation is born side. south sudan after five deck'ses of war and a peace agreement between north and south sudan. colin powell was on hand to attend the ceremony that was led by the country's president. casey tee thee will get out of jail next weekend. her attorney said what life will hold for casey. we'll have the details coming up next. promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it?
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>> josey baez said his client needs help.
12:42 pm
baez said after casey gets out of jail they will take her someplace place and get her counsel therapy. casey decided not to let her mother in the jail to visit her. geraldo is live at 10:00 p.m. with the latest on casey anthony. >> anita vogul has a look at her life and legacy. >> in august 1974 when richard milhouse nixon resigned the presidency. betty ford knew she had her work cut out for her. >> the thought of first lady was challenging and it was. it was a demanding job and no job description. >> from the beginning, betty ford was unconventional and independent first lady. >> i told my husband. if we have to go to the white house, okay, i will go.
12:43 pm
but, i am going as myself and it is too late to change my pattern and if they don't like it, they will have to throww me out. >> elizabeth annie bloomer was born in 1918 in chicago, illinois. three days later the family move to grand rapids, michigan. betty's passion for dance brought her to study in vermont where she met martha graham and joined her dance company. betty returned to michigan in 1941 and worked in a local department store. there after an unsuccessful marriage to william warren. she met war veteran who changed her life. gerald r. ford. they were married in 1948 and two weeks after walking down the aisle. gerald was elected to a first term in congress. beginning the road to the white house.
12:44 pm
her outspokenness and trying circumstances endeared her to the nation. one month after she took office she was diagnosed with breast cancer. and got hundreds of thousands of women to the doctor. >> her candidness was not limited to the personal life. she supported the passage of equal rights amendment and freedom of choice. >> when the supreme court vote to legalize abortion and in my words, bring it out of the back wood and put it in the hospitals where it belonged, it was a great decision. >> her influence was not lost on the president who respected and valued her opinion. >> betty's contribution to history during our time in the white house and afterwards, was her total dedication to openness and frankness.
12:45 pm
>> she had her own right to her own opinion. >> betty lobbied him to appoint more woman to washington. >> a lot of them had to do with putting a woman in the cabinet, >> you won that one. >> yes, i won that one and working on another. >> there was a lighter side to mrs. ford. >> she had a funny sensibility . a since of the ridiculouss . kind of a mischievous quality. there is a very famous photograph of her, bare foot and dancing on the cabinet table. >> but betty developed an addiction to pain killer because of pinched nerves and arthritis. on top of that she began to drink heavily after her husband lost the presidential
12:46 pm
election to jimmy carter. >> my family came to me with an intervention and helped me to see the light. >> betty entered rehab and openly discussed her problem in public. she received thousands of letters of support and opened the betty ford four years later . in the later years she cherished the time with president ford until his death in september 2006. in los angeles, anita vogul fox news. >> betty ford will be buried in michigan next to her husband. >> california is rolling out the red carpet for the duke and duchess of cambridge. high, -- it is a weekend mixed with hobnobbing and charity work. we'll break it down as america's news headquarters rolls along next. [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability
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>> the duke and dutchiss of cambridge enjoying a busy weekend in southern california. here's the latest with what they are up to. in preparation of the polo match you are in your finest
12:51 pm
bib and tucker. >> i try, i try. a lovely day for a polo match wouldn't you agree. the duke himself will be playing polo and the day starts at 3o'clock local time . before hand a number of events including a lunchhion with the royal couple and this is happening in the santa barbara polo and racket club and all in the name of charity. vip tickets for this lunchion going for $4000 a pop. take a look at this video from lastt night. a fancy dinner party to welcome the royals to southern california. that is happening in los angeless as the consule general's hope where they are staying at their trip. 200 people in attendance including david beck am. top leaders from california were here. after the polo match today they will be going to a black
12:52 pm
tie affair in los angeles at the british academy . john, another full day tomorrow about filantrophy and we'll follow it here on fox news. >> thank you so much. and anxiously anticipate the results. >> thank you. william's mother diana would have turned 50 this month and "newsweek" dedicated their cover in an arcticle that asked the question. what if diana had not perished in the paris tunnel? here is liz. what did you think of the idea of prognosticating where diana would be had she not died? >> it is the lowest of the low . tina brown has a pamplet that she's editing now. that's what "newsweek" has come to. she's tried the worst of old fleet street desperate tricks in order to up the circulation
12:53 pm
and pull off a stunt and this is a stunt, a computer generated photo of what the princess would have looked like at age 50 and accompanied by a smarmy arcticle of how her life had been and all of the people she would have married and sleeping with and charities. it is what she's trying to do with "newsweek" and what the internet calls fan if i can. we are from a news mag zeenn to fan fiction. you can expect more of the same. wherever tina brown goes she leaves a trail of third class journalism behind her. unless you are entered in sleeze you should not buy "newsweek". you read the arcticle. >> in the beginning, i was uncomfortable with the quotes like this.
12:54 pm
affairs. tina prognosticated she would have multiple marriages and said one of those to a hedge fund person. she had drifted in undercover tryst with a high-minded horny late night talk show host. >> and how about this one if i may follow that up with another one. >> i believe her best male friend in later years would have been her reviled first husband. as the financier sir james goldsmith once put it. when you marry the mistress you create a job vacancy . charles having married camillia would suddenly have found the company of his ex, strangely comforting. it is sleeze and tina brown won't quit and it is really sad a great magazine like "newsweek" has come to this. >> i am not sure diana would have been friends with charles.
12:55 pm
>> the age-rendering of diana next to the photograph of a woman who wrote the arcticle. >> should she live so long. >> not in her wildest dreams. >> in the end of the arcticle. tina talked about this. in a world disasters of the last few years, 9/11 and sunshine and hurricane katrina, you know diana would have been first in the scene with a hard hat and camera crew . a nod to the great work that priness diana did. >> i hardly believe she would turn up with a hard hat on the day of 9/11. that is preposterous as the magazine and editor is. >> liz. >> sorry to disagree. >> there is no question as to where you sand [check] >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you, john. >> they were expecting to see
12:56 pm
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>> reand a rihanna fans in texas were forced to evacuate, luckily no one hurt, afterwards the singer tweeted, dallas, we set the stage on fire tonight, literally. glad you guys are safe. i promise, i'll be back. it's that time of year ago for spain's running of the bulls. the weekend long festival is already had the first injuries. a man from france and another from australia were gored in the leg and two american runners were also hurt. that's all for me here in washington, don't forget to tune in tomorrow and catch bret baier's exclusive interview with governor

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